Digestive Disorders


Do you have a issue that you find embarrassing?

Common digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, bad breath and constipation or diarrhoea can be associated with allergies and reactions to foods that you eat, but they can also exacerbated by stress, infection and even foods that you don’t eat!
“We are what we eat”, but more importantly “We are what we digest!”. There is little benefit from eating a wholesome diet if it is not digested and absorbed and instead, goes on to ferment and putrefy in the gut.
Our digestive system is a complex system which relies on a delicate balance of bacteria, enzymes and digestive secretions. These elements can all be disturbed or put out of balance by stress, infection, medications or even from the foods in our diet.
Many people think they are eating a well balanced diet, when in fact, they have quite an imbalanced diet which is high in foods that disrupt the normal pH balance of the gut and promotes the growth of “bad” bacteria, whilst too low in the important components, which help to regulate bowel movements and stimulate the digestive system to digest and absorb our food.

Did you know your gut can harbour up to 3 kgs of bacteria?

These “good” bacteria’s produce vitamins, detoxify chemicals, influence cholesterol and hormonal balance, regulate the immune function and prevent the overgrowth of pathogens. It is therefore vital that you consume foods which will nourish the good bacteria, and avoid those foods which will cause the “bad” bacteria to thrive.

Never before have we been so aware of the importance restoring internal balance.

High levels of “bad” bacteria causes gut inflammation. When your gut wall is inflamed, you reduce the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed, while increasing the amount of toxins which are absorbed and enhancing fatigue, headaches, irritability and further digestive symptoms.

High levels of “bad” bacteria have also been linked to systemic inflammation, autoimmunity, asthma, eczema and poor immunity. There is also more recent research linking “gut dysbiosis” to Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  However, the commonly held belief that simply popping a pill of “good” bacteria will fix the imbalance is not true.

Fortunately, at Myddai Wellness Centre, we can suggest safe, effective solutions to digestive dysfunctions. Correcting gut function and balancing your diet can usually be addressed within weeks, meaning you could be happier and healthier in no time.

We want to help you say good-bye to embarrassing moments, so you can once again be confident, vibrant, self-assured and happy.

Let us help you live the life you deserve.  If it has been some time since you truly felt really healthy, then it is time to contact us.