Tired, Depressed and Gaining Weight? Could it be your thyroid?

Ever wondered why some people seem to bounce off the walls, never sleep and don’t gain weight no matter how much they eat; while you struggle to get going and find that you continue to gain weight even though you follow the strictest of diets? Perhaps it has something to do with your hormones!

Feeling tired, cold and depressed or experiencing hormonal imbalances, weight gain and irritability can all be attributed to an under-active thyroid. It is also common to experience dry skin and hair, poor memory and concentration or digestive problems when affected by a sluggish thyroid. Many women can also experience infertility, menstrual abnormalities, loss of libido or headaches.

Hypothyroidism is a state of under-activity of the thyroid gland with an underproduction of thyroid hormone – as if the beat that is keeping your body functions in rhythm is too slow.

Perhaps stress is slowing you down?

Stress is also an important factor to consider, as excessive stress will hinder the way your thyroid works. But each person reacts to stress differently. By finding out your individual stress pattern, we can individualise your treatment by using different combinations of well researched nutritional and herbal medicines specific to helping to rebalance these patterns.

Get Your Beat Back Today!

By combining the wisdom of nutrition and herbal medicine,  we can assist in the management of thyroid conditions, helping you feel your best. If you feel that you have lost your Rock “n”Roll, or your metabolism is functioning too fast or too slow, please call to arrange a confidential consultation to discover your options.